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After trying every form of Dental Whitening available in the past 30 years, toothpaste, mouth rinses, strips, high intensity lights and gels in office and overnight whitening gels I have concluded that home use/custom trays worn for 20 minutes twice a day for less than 2 weeks are the safest, longest lasting whiteness, most predictable and easiest and most cost effective way to whiten teeth.

This is the most predictable and usual form of at home dental whitening. Two visits are required. At the first visit dental impressions are taken. In the interim between the first and second appointments custom made whitening trays are created just for your mouth. At the second visit these trays are fitted to your mouth and you are given a prescribed concentration bleaching gel and instructions. For most patients in less than two weeks your teeth are whiter.

With this new method of in office teeth whitening from Ultradent Products, inc. you can whiten your teeth while sitting in a chair watching TV or reading. In just half an hour you can visibly lighten the color of your teeth and jump start the process.

Trays are placed in your mouth with Opalescence Quick whitening gel and you sit back and relax usually while seated in the reception room, while the gel does the work. Half an hour later your teeth are whiter. You then go home with at-home whitening gel and finish the process over one or two week’s time.

The advantages to Opalescence Quick is that you lighten faster than with just the at-home method and you may even whiten your teeth enough with only Opalescence Quick for that ‘big event’ later that same week.

Please note that while tooth sensitivity does not usually occur it can happen with any of the whitening treatments. It is more likely to happen with the higher concentrations of whitening gel that is worn for longer times. It can be treated and it usually is gone in a few days. Sensitivity can also occur in patients wearing trays overnight who clench or grind their teeth.

The degree of whiteness obtained varies from patient to patient and there is no way to predict what the shade change will be. There will be a shade change. This new improved whiter shade will relapse with time, which varies with each patient. To correct this relapse just wear the whitening trays and gel again, there is no additional cost for this as long as the gel has not expires or been depleted.

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