Save Your Smile from Decay and Infection

Are you experiencing consistent tooth pain, discomfort, or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures? These are often the telltale signs of dental damage or an infection reaching the inner tooth. Don’t let these symptoms go untreated – it’s essential to seek help from a qualified dentist as prolonged neglect of the issue can lead to more severe oral health complications.  

Dr. Steven D. Cohen and his team believe in providing comprehensive treatment to help save your smile through less invasive procedures such as root canal therapy. Although this treatment tends to have a negative reputation, root canal therapy is anything but!

Contact us to put a stop to your dental pain and rid your smile of infection once and for all! We look forward to helping you get your oral health back on track!

Why Root Canal Treatment is So Important

Infection that penetrates through the protective enamel and enters the inner soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels affects not only the tooth in question but the surrounding area as well. If left untreated, decay can spread throughout the jaw bone and gums, jeopardizing the health of your smile and lead to more extensive treatment.  

Root canal therapy is designed to eliminate decay inside the tooth and restore its function before the infection spreads. For more complex cases that require specified care, Dr. Cohen works closely with a team of trusted specialists to better ensure that the foundation and proper function of your smile are preserved.

Endodontic care with root canal therapy provides you with a reliable solution for alleviating pain and discomfort while fighting off decay and infection. Successful treatment means increased longevity for your overall oral health.

What You Can Expect When Receiving Treatment from Our Team

We conduct a comprehensive exam to diagnose the problem accurately and determine if the affected tooth can be saved. Once we understand the situation, we take the time to go through all your treatment options so that you can make confident decisions about your oral health.

Part of the negative reputation of root canal therapy comes from the false assumption that the procedure is painful. This is not the case when receiving treatment from Dr. Cohen and his team. Our team considers your full comfort before administering treatment. We work with you to understand any fears or anxieties you have, and from there, tailor your treatment accordingly.

After we remove the infected tissues and disinfect the root canals thoroughly, we affix a porcelain crown to seal the area to prevent further damage or reinfection. To finalize treatment, we only use natural-looking, custom restorations that restore tooth function and allow you to smile with confidence.

Professional Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Cohen applies his decades of experience to provide comfortable top-quality treatment for every patient we see. For more information on how root canal therapy could benefit you or a loved one, call or our office today. We welcome the opportunity to save your smile through experienced and comprehensive care! 


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