Experienced Care for Dental Emergencies

You may have heard this before, but the best way to deal with a dental emergency is to avoid experiencing one. You can improve your resistance to an emergency visiting the office of Steven D. Cohen, DMD, PC twice per year for routine visits and wearing a mouth guard when participating in athletic activities.

But even with the most careful precautions, a dental emergency can strike at any moment, and knowing the best way to handle it can help with the pain and reduce the chance you may need more extensive treatment.

Our Top Dental Emergency Tips

This list of tips to remember during an emergency should help you stay prepared when a dental crisis occurs.

  1. Add dental emergency items to your first aid kit. Over-the-counter analgesics, topical, oral pain relievers, tweezers, gauze, cotton, your dentist’s (or an emergency dentist’s) phone number, and this list of tips should be included.
  2. If a tooth has been knocked out or pushed deep into gum tissue, get to an emergency dentist within 30 minutes. Any chance of successfully replanting the tooth must be made in this window of time.
    When a tooth is knocked out, locate the tooth and then rinse it gently, handling it only by the crown of the tooth. Place the tooth back into the socket or place it in milk. Call us and get to our office or an emergency room if necessary.
  3. For a toothache, don’t delay calling us as soon as possible. Dental pain rarely goes away on its own, and procrastinating can make your condition worse. A toothache can sometimes be repaired with a simple filling; waiting can require a more complicated procedure in the future.
  4. Broken teeth will generally need to be repaired or extracted. Broken or lost restorations should be replaced or repaired quickly, as leaving the inner chambers open can lead to bacterial infection. Always remember to wear a mouth guard when playing sports to prevent trauma from damaging your smile. If needed, we will develop a complete treatment plan to reduce or alleviate pain.

Sudbury DMD for Comprehensive Dental Care

We provide emergency care and routine treatments that can prevent an oral health crisis, as well as effective techniques to deal with anxiety. Whether you have general phobias or incident related stress, we provide unique ways to achieve relaxation. When you are relaxed and comfortable, your treatment is quicker and more effective. To learn more about what to do when experiencing a dental call our dental office today!


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