Experiencing Dental Pain? You May Have a Fractured Tooth

Does your tooth hurt? Especially when chewing or biting down? If you’re experiencing sudden, yet radiating pain, as well as sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, your tooth could be cracked or fractured. This type of damage can be hard to determine on your own – that’s why it’s important to seek a professional opinion so your injury can be diagnosed and treated properly.

The good news is that at the dental office of Dr. Steven D. Cohen, DMD PC, our team has over 30 years of experience restoring teeth, relieving discomfort, and preventing further damage from affecting your smile.

Don’t let your dental fracture go untreated! Contact us to restore your teeth to their optimal health and beauty.

Understanding What Causes Dental Fractures

A cracked or fractured tooth can be the results of a variety of issues. The most common include:

  • Pressure from teeth grinding or clenching
  • Weak enamel
  • Weakened tooth integrity due to large fillings
  • Biting or chewing hard foods, such as ice, nuts, or hard candy
  • Injury of the mouth
  • Age (enamel weakens after years of wear and tear)

Cracks in teeth can vary from small fractures with no pain that may not require treatment, to severe fractures that can reach the tooth root and potentially lead to serious infection. 

The Impact Fractures Have on Your Oral Health

Though a tiny crack in your tooth may seem insignificant, it’s still important to have the damage assessed by our team. If left untreated, even minor fractures have the potential to become serious complications that can cause lasting problems to dental and oral health. Cracks can lead to bacteria entering the inner supportive tissues that are responsible for healthy tooth development. This kind of infection can cause the nerves to die, or possibly form an abscess.

Complications like these may seem far-fetched, but the reality is our outer enamel is there to protect the inner workings of our teeth. When an injury such as a fracture occurs, infection and bacteria are sure to follow.

Treatment for Fractured Teeth

We administer treatment depending on the type of fracture, where it’s located, and your symptoms. Once these are determined, our team may recommend the following techniques:

Bonding - A plastic resin used to fill the crack. It can easily repair a small chip off the biting edge of the tooth as well as restore the shape.

Crowns - A crown fits over the entire structure of your tooth, making it durable while maintaining its healthy appearance and function.

Veneers - A thin layer of enamel-colored porcelain made to fit over the surfaces of your teeth. Ideal for masking minor to severe fractures and cracks.

Root Canal - When a crack reaches the inner nerves called the pulp, we recommend a root canal procedure to prevent your tooth from becoming infected or damaged further.

Extraction - If your tooth is too damaged for repair with root canal therapy, Dr. Cohen will refer you out to one of our trusted specialists to remove it properly. This is sometimes the best option for preserving your oral health and protecting your smile from infection.

Dr. Cohen and his team have the compassion and know-how to address your dental fractures and deliver effective treatment. We encourage you to contact our office promptly to help restore your smile to its ideal beauty and health. 

Do you have a cracked or fractured tooth? Click below to watch the ADA dental video.

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