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Dear Dr. Cohen,
This card is to say thank you very much for all of the wonderful care I have received this past year.
You were both particularly helpful and caring for the 2 months my husband went on business - you went out of your way to help me with child care and to see I received the care I needed (and by opening your office on a Friday when you are normally closed). You both went above and beyond what the average dentist would do. I'd also like to thank you for the additional crown. I really appreciated that you are both such genuinely nice and caring people - not to mention a great "Doc".

Thanks Again,
Sue B.
P.S. My teeth are doing great!

Dear Dr. Cohen,
I want to thank you for making Taryn's first dental visit such a success. The extra time you took with her is much appreciated. You made it fun and interesting for her, causing her to forget her fear! I feel very fortunate to have found a dentist who has such a nice way with kids and is also willing to take the time to make them feel comfortable!

Again, thanks! Patti C.

Dr. Cohen,
Just a brief note to let you know that the crowns are fine. Flossing is easier every day and the bite is terrific. Thanks again for your caring and excellent work. See you in October.

Fondly, Peg

Thank you for all your dedicated hard work. Believe me, I refer you to all my friends, and I trust your judgment professionally and most importantly as a friend!

Your friend, Kenneth

Dear Dr. Cohen,
Just a little story to share with you. Negative experiences as a young child left me with thoughts of terror at just the hint of going to the dentist. I couldn't even pass an office sign without pains in my stomach and shutters down my back. And those television ads were no better. I avoided the experience as much as possible. Needless, to say it had been a very long time since I had the care I really needed.
Then one day while networking with colleagues an angel came my way in the form of a dentist. It was very hard for me to even share a conversation with this gentle person. Just the thought of his profession was so uncomfortable for me. But he was kind and knew I was in need of care. With gentle persuasion, he convinced me to come for a visit.
He did his very best to make me feel comfortable and safe. Everyone there treated me as if I had been coming in all my life and they were friends waiting to see me. My fear and I were treated with respect, understanding and caring.
I'm still not thrilled to make that appointment and they still have to call me, but I go. I couldn't my friends down. Thank you, Dr. Cohen, for being my Tooth Angel.


Hi Steve,
... some things that I would miss supposing your office were not there. I guess these would be:
1. I'd miss a trusted and friendly dentist, with a good sense of hYtnQ(. who is prepared to come into the office over the weekend in the event of a dental emergency.
2. I'd miss the friendly atmosphere in the office.
3. I'd miss the convenient (at least for me} and attractive location of the office.
4. Most of all I would miss someone that I feel really makes sure that my teeth are looked after properly and who always takes the time to explain what my treatment options are before proceeding.

Best, Helen

Dear Dr. Cohen,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent dental care provided by you and your staff. You have helped restore a needy mouth, with both short term and long term goals for me. You, along with the other professionals you recommended for additional care, helped me restore my smile.In addition, thank you for teaching me how to keep it healthy.

You and your caring and compassionate staff have helped me nearly conquer my "fear of the Dentist!"I look forward to continuing our positive relationship.

Sincerely, Lynne H.

Thank you for making my trip to the dentist easy and for entertaining my son while I got a filling. You all are the best!

Laura S.

Dear Dr.Cohen,
I want to let you know how pleased I am with my male implant. It is firmly in place, I chew on it daily, and it feels great! Your work on the crown was excellent. The professionalism you have shown when handling my situation is greatly appreciated. This is a model for the way to operate a dental practice, and it keeps me coming back despite the long drive I make from my job in Lowell. I feel fortunate to have'dentist who combines such a high level of expertise with genuine empathy for his patients. You know I enjoy asking about the technical details of dentistry - the chemistry, the biology, the mechanical engineering. At other times, I need the same reassurances you give to your 8-year-old patients. But mostly, I appreciate that you work with me as a partner when we make treatment decisions. It's the kind of thoughtfulness I have come to expect, and the reason I refer my friends to your office whenever possible.

So thanks for the great work, Steve!

Best Regards, Bill

Awesome. You and your crew are the best! Hugs to everyone. As long as I am able I will drive to your office from New Hampshire.

Verified Patient

Thank you for sending the before and after pictures and thank you and Dr. Choen for your magnificent work and patience. I could not be happier with how they look and feel.


This appointment was for a routine cleaning, and the experience was another in a long list of efficient, comfortable, friendly, and satisfying experiences - perhaps unusual adjectives for a "visit to the dentist", but in Dr. Cohen's case, it's the norm. My appointment started punctually and the dental hygienist was friendly, thorough, and gentle. Although this time the cleaning was performed by a hygienist new to me, the process was the same as previous visits, which was expected since I know of Dr.Cohen's emphasis on consistent and thorough process and procedure.The post-cleaning review with Dr.Cohen was friendly and thorough and emphasized a proactive approach to improving and maintaining my dental health. It is this emphasis on the proactive that I find particularly important. Prior to Dr.Cohen, most of my dental care experiences were "reactive", resulting in a feeling of always trying to "catch up" to problems. In contrast, this latest office visit was merely another a routine cleaning which left me with the satisfaction of knowing that I'm staying "ahead of the game".

I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Cohen's for over 25 years. Over the years he has provided consistent, superlative care, and it is his expertise and emphasis on proactive dental care that I credit my excellent dental health. I have just recently begun using Angie's List as a research tool, and after my most recent office visit, I thought that I would take the time to create my first Angie's List review. Prior to Dr. Cohen, I knew little of proactive dental care, and thus became accustomed to the usual litany of dental issues. I came to Dr.Cohen with the typical mouthful of cavities and gum problems, and expected more of what I had come to expect from dentists -- just take care of the current problems and then wait for more. What I found was a dentist willing to enlighten me and insisting on changes to my basic dental habits. He corrected the problems I arrived with and proceeded to educate me in what is necessary to avoid revisiting those same problems.The restoration work involved work on both teeth and gums and it took months to correct the damage.During this time I was continually impressed by his skill and insistence on excellence. Mine was not an easy mouth to work on, but Dr. Cohen made me feel like he actually enjoyed the challenge, and I have reaped the rewards ever since. I am often reminded of his expertise when other dental professionals have had occasion to view Dr. Cohen's work, such as when I had to have surgery performed on a troublesome wisdom tooth.

While performing the initial inspection, I was pleased to hear Dr. Cohen's work praised as the surgeon was temporarily distracted from my wisdom tooth by the excellence of Dr. Cohen's tooth restoration work. My long-time GP has also admired Dr. Cohen's work.


Just a quick note to be sure I thanked you for your treatment of Sharon yesterday. She is thrilled, at both the outcome of work and your assistance in overcoming her "phobia". She is looking forward to the rest of the treatments.

Thanks again for your professionalism and usual good work.


It takes gifted teamwork to plan exceptional cases and get wonderful patient outcomes. This is the joy of dentistry for me. I wish you, your staff and your family a most wonderful day.

Dr. Barry Bessler and staff

You have a wonderful way of going out of your way to be wonderful. You are a dentist par excellence, evidenced by our long-time commitment to your practice. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us for so many years. Good luck in the future.

All the best,
Lynn and Doug

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