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Commitment to Quality

Dr. Steven Cohen knows the value of investing time into his own education and continuously improving on his abilities. As an Airman (U.S. Air Force), our doctor learned the importance of the pursuit of excellence, which he implements in the various procedures our practice administers. Sudbury DMD, was started by Dr. Cohen’s father and provides Sudbury, Maynard, and Wayland communities the quality dentistry our patients deserve, as it has done for many years. 

Continuing Education

The field of dentistry is constantly undergoing changes in treatment techniques. For this reason, our practice encourages not only the education of our patients but understanding new conditions and tactics that can make procedures more convenient or effective. Dr. Cohen takes his mandated annual continuing education seriously by adding his own goal of mastering a particular treatment that year.    

A Stress-Free Practice

Dr. Cohen has developed unique techniques designed to help patients dealing with uneasiness and dental phobias undergo the necessary procedures they might not have undergone otherwise. Patients can enjoy our smooth jazz and stress-free lobby and treatment rooms. Calming paintings take your mind off the appointment and allows the visit to run smoother. Our friendly office receptionist helps to schedule your visit and makes sure to note any anxieties or apprehensions beforehand so that our doctor can be prepared.

Hypnosis dentistry is an effective way to achieve complete relaxation in a significant percentage of people. The technique is not practiced by many dentists, but patients who notify Dr. Steven that hypnosis helps them is worth the effort needed to learn this beneficial method. A sense of deep calm can inhibit your phobia, disregard the need for an anesthetic, and help the visit go by much quicker.       

Demonstrating Value

Our practice has become renowned for the restorative procedures we offer patients. It is not uncommon for Dr. Cohen to hear that someone’s porcelain crown was placed by his father and is still going strong. When a patient sets up an appointment, they expect their issues to be resolved and we aim to provide them the most durable, the best-looking solution we can.

By working with a local network of specialists, no treatment is too complex to either be treated here or be completed by a trusted dentist that coordinates with Dr. Cohen to help you achieve your optimal smile.   

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