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Children's FAQs

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Non-Decay Promoting Snacks

Perishable solids and liquids:
* Cheese cubes
* Raw fruits
* Raw vegetables
* Pizza
* Unsweetened fruit juices
* Unsweetened vegetable juices
* Bottled water with Flouride

Non-perishable snacks:
* Whole grain crackers
* Saltless, whole grain pretzels
* Potato chips
* Corn chips
* Corn curls
* Cheese curls
* Popcorn


ABSOLUTELY no fruit roll-ups or anything sticky! These are the number one cause of cavities. Dried fruits also fall into this category. Example: raisins, apricots, pineapple, etc.

Try to choose foods that neutralize each other to reduce acid formations that cause cavities. Example: Cheese and crackers, milk and whole grain, sugar-free cookies.

Eating snacks with a meal is better than in between meals.

Eating more at one time, not extending it over a long period of time, forms less acids that cause cavities.

A chocolate bar is better than sucking or biting hard candy or eating any sticky foods.

If you cannot brush after a snack, try rinsing with water or chewing fibrous foods like carrots.

DON'T FORGET nature's toothbrush - "THE APPLE".



Chewy fruit snacks are popular with children. Parents think their children are eating healthy snacks - BUT DON'T BE FOOLED! These fruit candies have decay written all over them.

Many chewy fruit snacks contain lots of sugar, gum, glycerides and other artificial ingredients that stick to your child's teeth. Even nutritionally, none of these chewy fruit snacks contain even 2% of the USRDA for any vitamins or minerals.

Plaque rolls in! Bacteria feast on the chewy fruit particles stuck to the teeth. The result is CAVITIES.

Watch your children's diets and encourage regular brushing and flossing.